Diving in Martinique

Diving in Martinique

Martinique is a many faceted diving destination with warm water all year, exceptional visibility with coral reefs, volcanic plateaus and diverse underwater fauna and flora not to mention numerous wrecks from the Mount Pelée eruption in 1902.
Whether you are an experienced diver or just learning, there are remarkable dive sites not far from you wherever you are staying on Martinique.

Here are some amazing spots we have selected for you, from Southern sites to Northern sites.

The South of Martinique offers exceptionally well-preserved and protected flora and fauna, corals, sponges, all kinds of tropical fishes and also, HMS Diamond Rock, a must of the Caribbean.

La Pointe Borgnese
90 feet max. All levels.
Located within a marine reserve with excellent visibility and a rich variety of marine life. A great spot for beginner divers and snorkelers, advanced divers will also appreciate.

Les Trois Vallées
100 feet max. Level 1.
On this spot, the walls of coral canyons rise above ribbons of white sand. You will see conch, kingfish, some turtles…

Diving in Martinique

Diamond Rock
200 feet max. Level 1 experienced.
Only 3 miles off the south coast, Diamond Rock is one of the island’s most famous spots. The sea floor descends in shelves to a remarkable fault at 52 feet below sea level and is full of colorful fauna and flora. For experienced divers the fault offers a spectacular reef wall.

Pointe Burgos
180 feet max. Level 1.
For beginners, a 40-foot plateau choked with multi-colored barrel sponges, hard corals and other marine organisms with lots of colorful fish all over. More experienced divers will explore deeper depths of the plunging vertical reef with rays, big turtles, spider crabs, Java moray eels... This is one of the most beautiful dives in Martinique.

La Piscine de Salomon (Salomon’s Pool)
300 feet max. All levels.
This mass of fallen rocks offers a beautiful drift dive rich in shellfish, bigeye jacks, parrotfish, lobsters and turtles.

Diving in Martinique

Nahoon shipwreck
115 feet max. Level 2.
A magnificent three-masted schooner sunk in 1994 on a sand expanse as a public dive site. Explore her accessible holds and wheelhouse and see the Java moray eels, crayfish, kingfish, barracudas and other fish. The dive experience is magical at night time.

The North of Martinique, known for its famous wrecks and volcanic black sand, offers breathtaking dive locations.

The shipwrecks of Saint-Pierre
165 feet max. Required level according to wreck depth.
This site offers some of the most spectacular wreck diving in the Caribbean. Shipwrecked by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902, fourteen ships rest on the bottom of the bay of Saint-Pierre. The spot is also home to Manman dlo, a monumental man-made underwater sculpture.

Diving in Martinique

The Citadel
200 feet max. Level 1.
Facing Le Prêcheur, between Anse Belleville and Les Abymes, explore three different environments on one dive site: a unique coral plateau with an abundant sea life (gorgonians, rock lobsters, turtles, sponges…), dramatic drop-offs and volcanic black sand plateaus.

La Perle
200 feet max. Level 1.
This volcanic rock on the Dominica channel features 65 - 200 feet reef walls less than 2 miles off the coast. One of the island’s wildest and most protected sites, La Perle is very rich in fish life (barracudas, triggerfish, turtles, fusiliers, bigeye jacks, parrotfish …) and has wonderful flora. Beware strong currents.

Dive centers
From introductory courses to advanced training, about twenty professional dive centers provide diving services in Martinique (check Directory for the listing).

Diving in Martinique