The SudLib public transportation’s A-Ligne provides a low-cost and convenient option to take sailors from Sainte-Anne (bus station) to Le Marin (Artimer/Marine Bay/Marina) Monday through Saturday. You can buy a single-ticket in the bus (€2.10) or purchase a pre-paid pass online. Bus routes, schedules and fares on www.sudlib.fr.

The airport The Martinique international airport is located in the central part of the island, thirty kilometers from Le Marin (around 40 minutes by car, when traffic is light) and 8 km from Fort-de-France (15 min. approximately).

Several major car rental companies are at the airport (see the Directory). If you rent a car at the airport and drop it off somewhere else, you'll be charged a return fee (around € 20).

There are usually plenty of taxis at the exit of the terminal. Taxis are fairly expensive in Martinique (€ 45 from the marina in Le Marin to the airport by day, € 71 by night). If you're not in a rush and travel lightly, a TC

- collective taxi, may drop you off at the by-road near the airport, about a 5 min. walk from the terminal (about € 3.60 from Le Marin).


Airline companies
All flight schedules are available 24 hours a day by dialing - Tel 08 92 68 43 14 (€ 0.30/min).

Direct flights connect numerous destinations amongst which :

Paris Orly - Air Caraïbes, Air France and Corsair. Antigua - Liat. Barbados - Liat. Castries (St.Lucia), connections to all major cities int the US and Toronto - Liat. Havana (Cuba) - Cubana de Aviacion Miami - American Airlines, Air France

Liat Ltd serves most of the Eastern Caribbean destinations from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic in the north to Georgetown Guyana in the south, linking the chain of islands in between.

Air Antilles Express : 0 890 648 648 - Air Caraïbes : 0 820 835 835 Air France : 0 820 820 820

ACF Aviation flies charter flights in twin-engined planes for up to 6 passengers (island-hopping, Margarita,Trinidad). Passengers can split the costs - Tel 0596 51 07 17.


Taxis and 'taxicos'
Taxis are usually easy to find in the major coastal towns. At the marina in Le Marin, the station is located in front of the guest dock, near the flags and public telephones - Tel 0596 74 62 78. Taxicos, i.e. collective taxis (minibuses for 8 to 9 passengers), are a handy and more colourful means of getting around the island. In general they only leave when they are full and stop on request along the roadside.

In Le Marin : taxicos to FortdeFrance leave from the entrance of the village, across from the video club ; those for Sainte-Anne leave from near the post office.

The first taxico to FdF is at 6 am, the last departure from FdF to Le Marin is at 6 pm (few taxicos on Saturday, none on Sunday). Marin-FdF : € 5.34 (about an hour) ; Marin- Airport : € 3.61 ; Marin-Ste-Anne : € 1.01 (15 minutes).

Car rental
Martinique has the best roads in the Caribbean making cars the ideal way to discover the island.

Most car rental firms have agencies at the airport but also near the major anchorages (see the Directory).

To rent a car the driver must be at least 21 years old, and must have had the licence for over a year. A security deposit is mandatory. Rate : € 35 on average for 24h, including insurance.

Some distances from Le Marin :
- Fort-de-France : 45 km
- Le Lamentin (airport) : 41 km
- Trois-Ilets : 31 km
- Anses d'Arlet : 39 km
- François : 24 km
- Saint-Pierre : 71 km
- Sainte-Anne : 8 km


Maritime connexions
• Inter-island L'Express des îles - Tel 08 25 35 90 00 - Fort-de- France - Dominica (duration : 1h30, € 99 round trip), Guadeloupe (duration : 3h, € 85 round trip), and Saint-Lucia (duration : 1h30, € 99 round trip).

The West Indies Company - Le Marin - Tel 05 96 74 93 38 - shuttles to Saint-Lucia twice a day (duration : 2h, € 89 round trip fare).

• Shuttles in the bay of Fort-de-France
For those moored at Anse Mitan, Anse à l'Âne or in the marina at Pointe du Bout, and wish to go to Fort-de-France and avoid the traffic, this is an interesting option. First departure from Anse Mitan is at 5:40 am, last return from FdF is at 6 pm. Madinina ferries run regularly during the day, € 6,50 round trip.